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Intro post

Hey I just joined - this looks like it could become a very great community. I'm already in a few dog communities, I was in a few cat ones but left because I don't have cats anymore - but this one is nice, it's a catch all for whatever pets you have.

Right now I have a 7 year old female Papillon named Mercedes Bysshe ("Mercy" for short) and some fish - in my 10 gallon tank I have 2 blood tetras, 2 black skirt tetras, 3 strawberry tetras, 4 blue berry tetras, and 2 pleckos, one quite a bit larger then the other. Then I have two 1 gallon little tanks, one has a red male betta in it, and the other is being used to quarintine a tiger barb who I seriously do not know if he is ever going to get better - he just stays the same or gets worse, but won't die... it's rough, I dunno what to do with him... but even if he did get better I couldn't put him back in the aquarium with the tetras because before when he was in there he always bit everyone :(

Presently I am living in my cousin's house with my bf, but next spring we are likely going to get our own place and then more animals will ensue. He really wants to get a bearded dragon, which I think will be neat because I've never had a lizard type before - and I'm sure Mercy will adore it, she loves small animals, she just sniffs them carefully and watches them do their thing. We both also want a pair of Dobermans, however this city has a daft by law about only having 2 dogs, I'm sure there is a loophole somewher - and I'm sure I'll find it too! I'm in no big hurry to get another cat because I had such a spell of bad luck with them - but something some what cat like, such as a ferret, might be fun... I heard they smell bad tho :S I'm so used to my little dog and my fish all being so clean and not smelly :\ there is also an exotic pet store here that sells tiny crocodiles - I think that would be an awesome pet, my bf informs me that they would bite me :\ well, thats not so cool... but they are! I try to visit them at the pet store as often as I can. I would also like a snake some day too.. I always thought a corn snake would be nice but this pet store gets in boa's fairly often and those are GORGEOUS, I mean very huge compared to a little corn snake, but just absolutely gorgeous.

Here's some pictures of my little Mersinator:

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