Issokay Today (issokay) wrote in loveyourpets,
Issokay Today

A LOT of pictures

My Dog is chasing a duck below:

Anyone seen this Kids in the Hall episode?:

Can you see both of them?

Pencil Sea Urchin:

Can you see the plecostomus?

This poor guy died. :(

from above:


My dog looking out our hotel window:

I used to have a picture of my holding that big crab (about 2.5" across without the legs)
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you have a lot of pets,
haha and there so cool, and your dog is so cute!
i have 2 hamsters and a dog, which i will be posting.
glad you joined. <3
Oh, and Post or let me know which picture (and the name of your pet) you want posted in the info of one of your pets, or however many you want in info, and i will edit them with pet name and your username, let me know <3
How about my dog, her name is Konica.

and my late porcupine pufferfish, his name was: The Porcupine Pufferfish Formerly Knows As Bloat

if you just want to do one, then the dog is fine. The links are cAsE sensitive, or you can just save it. Thanks :)
I used to have 5 fish tanks, now I just have two.
I sold the rabbit to my boyfriend's mom, and much of the fish when we moved across the country.
Oh, wow. When i get older, im only 14, lol...i plan on having a farm and such, haha. :] with like 3739279 animals, i love animals, and i plan on being a vet! :P
cool, where do you live?
thats cool, there in the info. :)
yeah :)